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Technical inspection (for the home buyer)

When you buy a home, you want to know what you are buying. A technical inspection from Q-keur, can prevent a misstep.

Technical inspection (for the home seller)

With a technical inspection, you give potential buyers good insight into the condition of the home.


Q-keur also provides partial inspections. In this process, we inspect and assess a specific part of your home.

Technical inspection without report

After a technical inspection, you normally will receive a report fully illustrated with photos

NHG inspection

To take out a mortgage with National Mortgage Guarantee (NHG), often a NHG inspection is required. Banks can also ask for it.

MYMP (Multi-Year Maintenance Plan)

Are you, or will you become, the owner of a home that is part of a larger complex? Are you a member of an Owners’ Association (VvE)? If so, it is good to know what costs will fall on the Homeowners Association, and ultimately on you.

Preliminary inspection

Are your neighbors remodeling and you fear consequential damage to your home? Then let us carry out a preliminary inspection.


Energy Label

You have also come to the right place for an energy label.

The energy label for homes shows how efficient a home is and

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