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Do you, or will you, own a property part of a larger complex? Are you a member of an Owners’ Association (VvE)? Then the VvE is responsible for the maintenance of the entire complex. In doing so, it is good to know what costs will fall on the CoE, and ultimately you. Q-keur’s MJOP (multi-year maintenance plan) provides this insight. That way you know what to expect over the next 10 years. Pretty nice.

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Building inspection + MJOP

Nowadays, banks and other lenders when purchasing a property that is part of an association, require an MJOP of the entire complex. Q-keur developed a reporta report in which the house in question is structurally inspected including a

scan (MJOP) of the complex. This gives you a good picture of the house, but also of the complex it is part of constitutes. And the associated costs of maintenance, now and within a few years.

Rates MJOP

MJOP tot 10 jaar.Vanaf € 615,-
Bouwkundige keuring + MJOP (quick-scan) tot 10 jaar op basis van 2 wooneenheden (beneden- en bovenwoning).
Overige combinaties op aanvraag.
€ 640,-

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