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Type of objectTechnical inspectionTechnical inspection + NHG attachement *
Flat€ 425,-€ 445,-
Downstairs- / upstairs apartment € 445,-€ 460,-
Terraced house€ 465,-€ 480,-
Semi detached house€ 475,-€ 490,-
Detached house€ 485,-€ 500,-

Rates apply to agreements made after March 13, 2024, for homes with a volume of up to 500 m3 in the Utrecht region (radius max. 25 km around the city of Utrecht). Outside this region we charge a small surcharge.

Surcharge for larger homes (volume >500 m3): EUR 20.00 per 50 m3

*If a surveyor wants to use the technical report for his valuation report, the NHG appendix may be a requirement.

Technical inspection + MYMP (quick scan) for homeowners associations.

Technical inspection + MYMP (quickscan) for 10 years based on 2 residential units (upstairs and a downstairs apartment), other combinations on request.€ 640,-

Delivery inspection, partial inspections and MYMP

Type of inspectionPrice
Separate floor or roof inspection€ 310,-
Technical inspection for a newly built house with contractor's official report*€ 375,-
Walkthrough inspection without official report**€ 305,-
Partial inspection with report***€ 130,-/hour
Multi-Year Maintenance Plan (MYMP)From € 615,-

*for the first two hours, then €65.00 for each additional half hour.

**For the first 1.5 hours, then €65.00 for every additional half hour.

***Minimum and starting rate €280 for the first hour, including prepare the report.

Prices apply to homes with a volume up to 500m3 and include VAT.

The above prices are valid for appointments made after March 13, 2024.

Energy labels

Type of objectPrice
Upstairs- / downstairs apartment€299,-
Double upstairs apartment€325,-
Terraced house€325,-
Semi detached house€325,-
Detached house€349,-

*Prices apply to homes up to 125m2, surcharge for larger homes: €1 per m2

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